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Hèlen Vink - Miksang Photography Master

I teach you how to see the magic of everyday beauty with your camera and open-minded looking

Years of education in Tibetan Buddhism & Dharma Art
Years as a certicified Miksang instructor for Europe
Miksang Training Programs
in the Netherlands & Europe

Helen Vink Miksang Fotografie 

My camera as a medium to See & Feel & Be 

Being surprised by the everyday beauty - that makes me truly happy. My passion lies in the journey of exploring pure creativity and the joy of pure genuine expression. I love to connect with the sparks of nowness, the flashes of my unique resonance with the everyday beauty. I enjoy making pictures as an expression of fresh seeing and pure photographic expression tremendously - especially when the picture shows the freshness of the first moment. Seeing the unexpected beyond any of my thinking, vividly in the here and now wherein the essence of poetry becomes visible. This infinite journey of joy, wonderment, genuineness, elegance and sharing has become my life path.

Sharing my photographic moments is my contribution to create a more beautiful world. It is an honor to pass on mijn Miksang Method of this young art discipline to you. Maybe you do not know but yet and maybe you do; when you are interested in the proces of perception allow yourself to join us in the exploration of the richness of our everyday world through the means of pure perception and natural photographic poetry. Poetry is the essence.

Miksang Photography | The Best of 3 Worlds

Helen Vink Miksang Fundametals


Meditation in Action in this first step you learn 'Looking beyond Concept': beyond mental reasoning, assumptions, judging, prejudices and associations.

Photographic Art

Photography becomes the instrument to slow down and create art from the heart. You learn to photograph what you experience; Miksang is not what you think. 


Mindful Being is simply learning how to listen to yourself, to your intuition. With meditation in action you follow up on each moment of direct perception in 6 steps. 
Miksang Photography helps you resolve ingrained patterns and stubborn thoughts

Miksang Photography offers creative opportunities to live more fully. If you lose yourself less in thinking about challenging things and events and the stress you inevitably encounter in your life, you experience more inner space. Stillness, calmness and clear vividness are the essence of our inner space, wherefrom we can look with an open mind and see fresh. Joy and gentleness naturally arises from the experience of fresh seeing.

Our endless thinking is like the nature of clouds covering the sun. Clouds come and go, that's what clouds do. The sun in the blue sky is always present; regardless of the clouds it has never left.

"You are the sky. Everything else - it's just the weather." Pema Chödrön

We do not need to recreate the sun or the sky. It is simply about dissolving the clouds, ungluing ourselves from the clouds. Miksang Mindfulness Photography is an art form that also helps you to appreciate the nature of clouds and the sun as well the dissolving of clouds and enjoying the sunlight, our inner light of clear seeing.

In the Miksang Introduction Module you will learn to look mindful in the present moment. You look and start noticing what you feel that strikes you. Miksang is a process and training in gentle attentiveness, mindful looking and genuine expression with your camera. It has its foundations in relaxing our active reasoning mind and coming into action from our inherent awake state of being and a calm mind, open heart and awake eyes in alignment. The purpose of Miksang Photography is multifold and aims to really feel what you see, learn to trust what you feel, to fully understand your perception and express these vivid experiences in a natural poetic way with our cameras. You wil receive tools that help you take distance - at least 1.5 meters ;-) - from your seemingly ongoing thinking and develop inner peace wherein you release the stress created by repetitive stubborn thoughts. You become more in tune with the everyday beauty around you, which is always and already present. With the Miksang Method™ you are introduced in a stepwise process to improve your pictures, easy and practical.

The 4 part Miksang Program 

Helen Vink Miksang Start

Miksang Introduction

Seeing From The Heart & the Miksang Method 

4-day training

Helen Vink Miksang Fundamentals picto

Miksang Fundament

True Connection & Fields of Perception & Is-ness   4-day training
Helen Vink Miksang Exploring picto

Miksang Essence

Visual Haiku


Moments in Space

4 day training

Helen Vink Miksang Mastering picto

Miksang Mastery

Essential Deepening


Infinite Infolding 

4-day training

Do you experience a lot of restlessness?

Do you long for more inner peace and calmness and slowing down? Are you suffering from too much stimuli and do you experience that shutting off stimuli or withdrawing yourself or going into nature is helpful and great, but not as a long term solution? Do you experience a lot of restlessness, and sitting meditation is not your favorite activity? I have seen many students with HSP and being high-sensitive strengthening themselves through the practice of Miksang Photography and starting to enjoy the visual world instead feeling overwhelmed. Learn how to balance inner restlessness and outer stimuli through the practice of mindful photography and photography as meditation-in-action. 

What Miksang Photography has to offer

You learn to be awake and feel what strikes you; you learn to feel before anything else. Miksang Photography offers you a window for the process of perception and helps you improving your pictures and also:  

  • Reducing stress
  • Letting go of frustration
  • Improving concentration
  • More energy
  • Authentic creativity
  • Perceiving more clearly
  • Letting feeling in and letting thinking out 
  • Feeling more connected in the here and now
miksang mindful photography

"With a creative practice we'll find universal joy."

Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

Essential Miksang experiences

Learning pure photography
These last days I learned to slow down while strolling around with an open mind and discovering what strikes me. And then photographing this as pure as possible, filling the whole frame. In peace and quiet. Just so lovely. 
Wat deelnemers ervaren tijdens de Miksang Fotorgrafie workshop
Noortje Apeldoorn
Seeing from my heart
It fits perfectly with my wish to connect meditation with movement, being outdoors and creativity. From now on I will go out more often with the camera and be amazed by all the beauty in my immediate environment. Like meditation, contemplative photography requires practice for the mind to perceive and record clearly in each moment. Miksang = Good Eye = enjoyment!
miksang mindful mindfulness fotografie meditatiecursus workshop training
Ieke Witteveen
I am touched...
I so enjoyed the training days together. Dwelling on the flash of perception, articulating what has stopped me, so many beautiful images around us, Hèlen's view on Miksang, and the many turnings of the 'human camera' exercise.
contemplatieve fotografie miksang mindful mindfulness fotografie meditatiecursus workshop training
Caroline de Graaf

Fun science fact

"Scientists have recently determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain - unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions!" 

Dr. Kathryn Purvis
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